There is no Camp 2022: Stick together

Chaos Knot with cable ends leading to different tents #thereisnocamp

With the motto ‘stick together’ we want to meet this year again in the Vogtland for camping between the 1st and 4th of September. The recent trageties show how important it is for the people to stay together in Europe all over the world. Thanks to vaccinations and growing immunity against straings of the Corona virus, it will be possible to sit together at the camp fire and bake some bread on a stick, while following some hygienic rules. We also like to be creative with soldering irons, 3D-printers, stiching machines, networks, lightning equipment, and so on and to share knowleadge in self-organized sessions. The Vogtland is easiely reachable for all inhabitants of the chaos zone and the surrounding areas. To enjoy the end of the summer we have also a water reservoir to jump into the floods.

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